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    What We Do

    BEAM Professionals brings a powerful combination of design expertise, a thorough understanding of building procedures and an intimate knowledge of how to successfully execute building envelope projects.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Building envelope commissioning is a systematic process to ensure the building systems interactively perform according to the design intent and the owner’s operational needs.


Exterior Wall Consulting

As exterior wall consultants, we assess, analyze and provide advice on exterior wall conditions examined through visual inspections, material testing, and other diagnostic tests.


Facilities Needs Assessment (FNA)

A Facility Needs Assessment (FNA) is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary approach in an effort to maximize the value and useful life of the exterior facility assets.



Hardening improves the durability of infrastructure, making it better able to withstand the impacts of catastrophic events from a natural disaster.


Forensic Testing

Forensic testing is crucial to maintaining structural integrity, air quality, and energy efficiency by assessing and addressing air, water, and thermal leaks.


Maintenance Program

Building envelope maintenance programs are essential to preserving the integrity and longevity of the structure and preventing costly problems.


Roof Consulting

As roofing consultants, we provide many services such as roof evaluations, forensic investigations, and roof design solutions with our industry specific knowledge.


Waterproofing Consulting

As waterproofing consultants, we evaluate structures for vulnerabilities and provide expert recommendations for customized waterproofing solutions.


Third Party Consulting

As third-party building envelope consultants, we meticulously inspect and evaluate every facet of the overall design and construction of the project at the owner’s behalf

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver platinum-level customer service while generating unique, world-class building envelope solutions that are inspirational, functional, sustainable and highly responsive to end-user performance.