Roof Consulting Services

BEAM Professionals have been providing roofing and waterproofing services to our clients for over 35 years.

  • Our expert team of individuals will meet with you to identify your problems and provide a solution that would follow under a maintenance solution or a replacement solution with a projected budget and timeline. Our team supplies a scope of work that addresses procedures for a maintenance program or repairs. We provide contract documents in the form of technical specifications and detailed drawings. BEAM assists as needed with the pre-proposal conference to introduce the project scope of work and documents to prospective bidders and follow with accessing the proposals and vetting the qualifications of the contractors. We provide support as needed to review and assure that the products used in the award of the proposal meet the standards outlined in the project specifications and drawings and provide feedback to the contractors and clients on changes or substitutions that arise during this process.
  • BEAM Professionals assures the quality of the product will be installed as outlined in the intent of the construction documents. We attend job site meetings and observe installation of the material to ensure that the products will perform correctly over the expected life of the systems. We are able to give a complete assessment of your roofs should those services be needed. We can identify ages and replacement cycles and provide a program to ensure proper maintenance is conducted to extend the life of your existing roof system. BEAM has been successful with their “Roof Maintenance Program” with over 115 clients which has allowed our clients to become proactive in their roof maintenance and roof replacement. We are able to extend the life of our client’s roofs and thus allowing to postpone major expenditure, but most importantly, plan for the replacement of roofs instead of reacting to roof failures and emergencies.