Exterior Wall Consulting

BEAM Professionals have been providing exterior wall consulting services to our clients for over 35 years.

  • We take destructive core sampling of your roof and wall assemblies. Removal of roofing material can be as simple as a round 3” core tool that allows one to identify the nomenclature of the existing roof assembly. Core sampling enables one to remove a large enough section of the roof to be able to perform other tests such as delaminating each layer to confirm quantity of adhesive or type of inter-ply membranes, attachment type of insulation to deck, insulation to re-cover board, re-cover board to inter-plies, adhesion of interplay-to surface ply and thickness of asphalt flood coat and emersion of gravel into flood coat. Core sampling of exterior veneers varies depending on coverings like brick, plaster/EFIS, and siding material. All destructive testing will observed by our team as well as any replacement of the cores to ensure that the building would be left in a watertight condition when testing was completed. Part of forensic investigation can include moisture analyses of your building roofs and walls to determine areas or wet construction material needing to be replaced. Testing can be performed with both destructive and non-destructive impedance measuring devices.
  • Infrared thermal imaging scans on your roofs and walls to determine potential wet areas or thermal bridging within your building systems. We also can determine a roof systems ability drain the water off the roof or into existing roof drains or scuppers and drainage on your grounds surrounding your building needs. We can conclude if it needs to be adjusted to better facilitate draining the water away from your structures. BEAM Professionals has extensive experience assessing storm damage and vandalized properties. Damage resulting from hail, wind storms, hurricanes, and flooding can be assessed from our experienced team members. We coordinate with your insurance adjusters to make sure that you capture the correct claim amount, which is sometimes missed by adjusters. We understand how to handle FEMA and other government agencies and can assist in working through these daunting processes.