About Us

Beam professionals has experience in the design and maintenance of exterior building envelope components for K-12, higher education, municipalities, corporate + commercial, and sports clientele.


    We ensure proper design, construction, and coordination between various building envelope components.


    After the initial site investigation, we will work on establishing a scope of work.

    Through the process, we prepare construction documents, create pre-proposals, and attend all meetings until project closeout. Our team is capable of also providing roof management programs through microsoft access since it is compatible with most our clients’ existing applications.
  • Methodology

    We leverage our unique team approach and signature consulting process to guide results that express our client's mission and values. We bring a powerful combination of design expertise, a thorough understanding of building procedures, and an intimate knowledge of how to execute projects. Whatever the scope, one single point of contact manages all our planning and design resources for each client we serve.

    We are backed by hundreds of professionals in the field.

    The industry-leading talent of beam’s team members, coupled hundreds of other professionals in the same industry, share the same signature service mentality, enables the firm to provide the best in class programmers, planners architects, engineers and consultants that always put the client’s wishes first.