Building Envelope Commissioning

Our team provides written assessment reports, to identify deficiency in your waterproofing systems of buildings.

  • This can include above and below ground waterproofing systems, penetrations through walls punched openings such as window and doors as well as through wall conditions above canopies and rise walls. BEAM can provide a scope of works, budgets, and construction documents to replace building veneers, repair the exterior waterproofing materials, or replace outdated or leaking windows and doors. As with the roof consulting processes outlined in the roof consulting services, is there for all necessary support and construction documents needed for such replacement projects. We identifying defects with your exterior sealant joints, window leaks wall leaks through parapet caps, stone copings and ledges, wall penetrations. BEAM provides indoor air quality solutions that arise from condensation or water intrusion. We give the primary assessment and report, coordinate with the environmental consultants to ensure proper testing and samples are done. All construction services needed to complete a restoration project similar to the process of the roof consulting services can be done in-house.