Our Culture

When we aren’t working on our projects, we are living life. From hiking to swimming and playing with our furry friends, we love to get out and explore. Check out our professionals being the incredible humans they are.

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The BEAM Secret

  • Know Your Real Job

    Your job at PBK is to serve clients in a superior way. And remember, co-workers are clients too.

  • Be a Leader

    Stay on top of your game. Be knowledgeable. Show up with an agenda. Do meeting minutes the same day.

  • Be Responsive

    Return client calls in less than a minute. Respond immediately to emails. Beat every deadline.

  • Be a "Warrior" for Your Client

    Always fight for your client and put their interests above your own.

  • Always Make Your Client "The Hero"

    Give your client full credit for every success. Take all the blame if something goes wrong.

  • Be a Friend to Your Client

    Be trustworthy. Be likeable. Be faithful.

  • Dress Like a Leader

    Your appearance should always exude professionalism & convey respect.

  • When You Make a Mistake that Causes a Problem

    Never make excuses. Own up to it. Then solve the problem at no cost to your client.

  • Treat Your Clients Money as if it is Your Own

    If you’re very strict and responsible with it, everyone reaps the benefits of the savings!

  • Be the Easiest Person to Do Business With

    Be agreeable. Proactively solicit needs and always respond. “Absolutely. No problem. I’ll take care of it.”

  • Take Immediate Ownership of Your Client's Problem

    Don’t wait for them to ask. Seek out and solve problems. Solve “additional” problems free of charge.

  • Never Settle for Simply "Satisfying" Your Client

    Invent ways to over-impress and exceed expectations.