Tamalpais USD


Corbett Elsen

  • Building Envelope Assessment
  • Exterior Wall Consulting

Working in concert with Tamalpais UHSD, BEAM performed a visual, physical assessment of the existing building envelope conditions at each campus. The general scope of services performed include, but were not limited to the following: Review of historical building and roof system data (building size, building age, roof system/structure type, date of installation and/or repair, work order leaks, etc.).Exterior, visual examination of all roof-related membrane and sheet metal flashing, penetrations and projections, and roof mat/deck assemblies. Aerial roof plan with the location of all rooftop penetrations and projections identified. Exterior, visual examination of the waterproofing integrity of all vertical wall assemblies. Detailed, site-specific reports prepared for each facility to include a description of the existing conditions observed; current roof system type; anticipated remaining useful life of the current roof system(s); areas in need of preventative maintenance, repair, replacement or rehabilitation identified; recommended work scope (if applicable) along with associated costs, priority ranking/proposed timeframe provided.