Kevin Pirtle

Field Technician

Kevin is a retired US Marine with 22 years of distinguished service, including three combat deployments and numerous overseas unit deployments. Currently, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in cyber security from the University of Maryland. Kevin is known for his exceptional attention to detail and forward-thinking abilities. His adaptability and flexible approach prioritize mission accomplishment, ensuring he always finds a way to make things happen. His ability to think on the move and efficiently manage time and space is a testament to his expertise. Kevin is committed to team success, often putting many things before himself and embodying the philosophy of “adapt and overcome. He showcases survival skills of the fittest in mind, body, and spirit. In his spare time, Kevin plays rugby competitively and leads the San Antonio Rugby Club. Based in Austin, Texas, Kevin is a vital member of our team, bringing his extensive experience and dedication to every project he undertakes.

“it’s not what to do but how to do”