What We Do

Roof Consultants

We provide roofing and waterproofing repair and replacement consulting services for our clients, from initial assessments to determine the existing conditions, the scope of work, and preliminary opinions of cost, to preparing complete construction documents through project closeout.

Building Envelope and Consulting Services

BEAM Professionals provide prompt expert analysis of all structures primarily for owners, facility managers, and property insurance professionals. We provide unbiased professional and expert assistance by offering prompt, clear and accurate inspection services.

Forensic Investigations

Our team provides numerous means of forensic investigation to all roofing and waterproofing needs. Forensic investigations can include destructive core sampling, moisture analysis, infrared thermal image scans, and water drainage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver platinum-level customer service while generating unique, world-class building envelope solutions that are inspirational, functional, sustainable and highly responsive to end-user performance.

Our approach to planning and design focuses on delivering unique environmental solutions that perform – to maximize operational efficiency, functional responsiveness and end-user achievement.

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